Bed Bug Services

HEAT is the answer!

Optimus uses Steam and/or Radiant Heat to solve your Bed Bug problems.

Bed Bug Services: Severe, Mild, and Preventative

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Unfortunately, these pests are making a comeback in a big way. The last 6 years have seen an explosion in bed bug activity in people's homes, apartments, and hotels/motels.

Bed Bugs

Many of us in the US grew up thinking these were a fairy tale thanks to the use of the now banned chemical DDT. But the removal of the availability of this chemical (or an equivalent replacement), crossed with growing international travel, has seen a concerning rise in the level of bed bug problems being experienced in our communities in Tennessee. This bug hides so well during the day, many people do not realize they have a problem until they have an established infestation.

Our advice: let professionals handle it. Store bought - or internet bought - remedies most often run the bed bugs into deeper recesses with very minimal overall kill rate.

HEAT is the answer! Not only is this the most effective choice for eliminating bed bugs, it is also the safest. If you have researched bed bugs at all on the internet, you have learned that heat treatments are the most effective.

Here at Optimus, we can solve your bed bug infestation with almost no chemicals applied to your living areas. We have commercial grade steamers that we use to eliminate your bed bug infestations. These steamers are safe to you, and your belongings. Since they put out steam at around 275º, they also disinfect for germs as well. Once we are finished, you are left with a clean bed bug free environment.

Each treatment also comes with a warranty to back up our commitment to eliminating your problems!


Bed Bug Service

With the current chemical spectrum available, one should proceed with caution for someone offering to "spray" for bed bugs very cheaply (even to licensed operators). Bed bug treatments done correctly involve time and thoroughness. Bed bugs hide deep and this is where they lay their eggs.

Simple spray-downs won't be effective to remove infestations. Also, anyone trying to help you should have a discussion with you about possible sources of the infestation with which you may be having problems. Knowing how these insects spread and ensuring you do not experience a re-infestation, by getting them from the source again, is of absolute importance!

Assuming we have confirmed actual bed bug activity, we come in and:
1st - Ensure customer has adequately prepped the area to begin the treatment. Without customer cooperation, control may be impossible to achieve.
2nd - Ensure customer is clear on when they can safely re-enter the area.
3rd - Vacuum very thoroughly.
4th - Treat inside socket and light fixture covers and under baseboards with residual dust.
5th - Disassemble bed(s), and other furniture and thoroughly inspect and heat treat.
6th - Treat with heat any additional areas that can be heat treated.
7th - Vacuum any bed bugs that may be fleeing from the heating process.
8th - Only if deemed necessary, perform chemical spot treatments to specific areas where activity was the heaviest.

At Optimus Pest Solutions, we are proud to have a 100% elimination record for Bed Bugs!  Due to thoroughness, we have not had to retreat an area after our warranty has ended.  This means our customers do not have to keep paying to have their problem solved!